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Frequently Asked Questions - from our Customers and the Curious

1. Why do the images of Captain John's products sometimes appear cloudy or fuzzy ?

Captain John's optimizes the file size of each art picture & photo image found on their web site so it downloads faster to your computer's web browser. If Captain John's used the full sized/actual product images, they would take hours to transfer over the Internet. We doubt that many potential customers would wait around for that!! Always remember, Captain John's actual products ship clear and concise, with a no-fault, money-back guarantee.

2. How does Captain John's Custom Photos & Framing secure my private information used during a credit card transaction ?

Captain John's uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, for sending encrypted information over the Internet. Your personal data is encrypted as it leaves your computer, transfers encrypted across the Internet, and is stored on a secured server. When checking out and completing your order with Captain John's, be sure that the gold/yellow lock icon appears in the lower right-hand corner of your computer screen. This will assure you that the SSL encryption technology is working correctly. Furthermore, Captain John's will NEVER forward your personal information to a third party, nor use it for any purpose other than filling and completing your order.

3. Are there any extra or hidden costs when I place an order with Captain John's Custom Photo and Framing ?

Absolutely not. The price total that appears when you click the "Calculate Total" button in the first stage of Captain John's Secure Shopping Cart checkout process is the price you pay, period. All shipping, handling, tax, transaction, settlement, or other charges are included in this price.

4. My computer's web browser will not work with Captain John's Secure Shopping Cart. What can I do ?

In some isolated cases, the configuration of your web browser may inhibit the use of Captain John's Secure Shopping Cart. Possible reasons for this include: restrictive firewall settings by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your place of work; you have disabled the downloading of cookies by your browser; or you are using a computer running the Windows 95 (or older) operating system. In these instances, please use our "Special" product order form, our mail order form , OR contact us at (419)346-2566 or (734)723-7475. We are more than happy to fulfill your order under any circumstances.

5. What if I do not trust ordering products over the Internet?

Captain John's is more than happy to accomodate any potential customer. If you do not wish to place an order via the Internet - please use our mail order form , OR contact us at (419)346-2566 or (734)723-7475.

Do you have any comments? - Captain John's would like to hear from you.

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