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Courtroom Blues
Recorded - 1985, 2015
          the South Erie Rockers.
Nation on Fire Blues
Recorded - 1986, 2014
          the South Erie Rockers.
Yin and Yang Blues
Recorded - 1985, 2014
          the South Erie Rockers.
Born Deranged
Recorded - 1985, 2014
          the South Erie Rockers.
Recorded - 1988, 2015
          the South Erie Rockers.

All songs copyrighted in published or unpublished form by Warren Achinger, 1984 - 2011.

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Buzz Achinger (real name: Warren Achinger) is a multi-instrumental musician and singer/songwriter from the Southeast Michigan & Northwest Ohio area. While in his mid teens, he was a founding member of the Bonzi Blues Band, a rasp and raucous garage style band that gained a wide popularity in the Point Place section of Toledo Ohio and the surrounding area. After fronting several versions of this band, he moved on to college and the local bar scene with numerous other bands, such as "The End" and the "Lodge Band". Eventually, Achinger signed with a various selection of song publishers, only to have his song writing work passed by during the rapidly changing times of the late 1980s. His final stint was with a crooked New York song publisher and A&R organization that ended in a series of contract and/or other disputes. Disillusioned with the music scene at the time, he quickly faded into obscurity, occasionally playing solo sets at no-name clubs and other forgotten venues. All told, Buzz Achinger has written and recorded over 100 songs, soundtracks, and other titles. He currently is a member of the Bullfrog Underground, a four piece blues band that formed from scratch in 2006. They play mainly parties and charity events throughout the tri-state area of Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana. He is also the founding member of "The South Erie Rockers" a nom de plume used for alternate recordings and select publishing.

Current and Future projects: Buzz Achinger is laying the groundwork & music tracks for an eight song independent CD that he hopes to release in the upcoming year. He is also working on a short film / music documentary and the background score for a series of Great Lakes nature programs & documentaries.

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The South Erie Rockers - South Erie, Michigan / Lost Peninsula, Michigan 48133

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