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Florida Lighthouses - St. Augustine Lighthouse, St. Augustine FL

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Artistic Rendering

The settlement at St. Augustine dates back to the 1500's. At that time there was a watchtower on Anastasia Island to guard the city from pirates. In 1824 a lens was installed in the old Spanish watchtower, and St. Augustine became Florida's first lighthouse. Due to beach erosion and damage during the Civil War, the U.S. government determined that a new light station was needed. Construction started on the new St. Augustine Lighthouse in 1871 and completed in 1874. Soon after, the old watchtower light crashed into the sea.

The tower is 165 feet high. Its day-mark is black and white spiral bands; the top of the tower is painted red. St Augustine Lighthouse is the 10th tallest lighthouse in the United States. Its characteristic flash, every 30 seconds, can be seen up to 25 miles at sea.

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